Profit from crypto. Effortlessly.
Let someone else read the whitepapers.
You just take those sweet profits.
Betoken is a crypto fund run by an open meritocracy.

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Betoken is just better.
Way better.

Other funds
  • High bar of entry
  • Low transparency
  • Closed decisions
  • Low Returns
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For everyone
High Returns

Open, 100%

Anyone can invest in the fund, and anyone can join the fund as a manager.

There's no minimum investment, no need for invitations, and no wealth requirements.

This allows Betoken to tap into capital and talent that traditional funds can't utilize.

Profit, effortlessly

Forget wasting time on dealing with complex software or reading whitepapers.

Betoken lets the best people manage your investments for you and reaps higher returns than other funds.

Sit back, relax, and wait for profits. It's that easy.

Get paid for your skills

Know a lot about crypto and trading? Why not join Betoken and earn some extra crypto!

Betoken pays our managers based on their performance, and being in a joint fund has its benefits: the risk gets spread, and a large AUM means it's more lucrative than trading by yourself.

Invest. Profit. That's it.

Investing in crypto has never been easier.

You just put in your money, and our global network of traders and crypto experts will work together to invest your money into the best available crypto-assets.

You'd pay a small fee, of course, but the time you save is priceless. Spending that time on hobbies, friends, and family certainly seems better, doesn't it?

Think it all sounds too good and want to know how exactly Betoken achieves this? Read further...

No Fishy Business

No hidden clauses, extra fees, or any other fishy business.

Betoken is 100% operated by a set of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Immutable and transparent code means we hide nothing from you.

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You're awesome.
Why not show us?

They said you needed "qualifications" to make videos...

Then YouTube happened.

They said you needed "qualifications" to make news...

Then social media happened.

They said you needed "qualifications" to make investments...

Then Betoken happened.

Anyone can be a Betoken manager, and you're judged by merit and merit alone.

Incentivized Meritocracy

The Kairo token
Read our whitepaper and check our research 👇.


Betoken uses its own token called Kairo to represent how much money each manager can manage.

Through constant redistribution of Kairo based on performance, we ensure that Betoken is meritocratic. In addition, we pay managers commission based on how much Kairo they have.

The more profits you make, the more Kairo you have, the more money you can manage and the more income you get.

This is the core of Betoken's decision-making system--Incentivized Meritocracy.

AI. A lot more than AI.

We believe a lot of our managers will use Machine Learning to make their investment decisions. That's why we will provide APIs best suited for ML frameworks like Tensorflow, Keras, scikit-learn...

However, Betoken is method-agnostic. We will support any and all methods: technical analysis, delta-neutral, or even just sheer instinct. We do not discriminate.

Our Team

Zefram Lou
Lead Developer
Zefram is the cofounder and lead developer of Betoken. He is in charge of everything blockchain. He currently studies Computer Science at UC San Diego. He is passionate about crypto-economics and mechanism design.
Surya Krishnan
Frontend Developer
Surya is the cofounder and frontend developer of Betoken. Currently, he studies computer science at UC San Diego and Surya's goal is to build technology that enables people to realize their ideas.
Guillaume Palayer
Guillaume is the cofounder of Betoken. His mission is to design and code the front end experience of the dApp. He's also an user researcher passionate by the token economy and the decentralized Web.