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Become a fund manager
in one click.

Become a fund manager
in one click.

They said you needed "qualifications" to make videos…
Then YouTube happened.

They said you needed "qualifications" to make news…
Then social media happened.

They said you needed "qualifications" to make investments…
Then Betoken happened.


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A Manager’s Journey

Anyone can be a Betoken manager, and you're judged by merit and merit alone.

Purchase a manager account

To start managing, you need to buy a manager account. It will be pre-loaded with Kairo tokens, which you can use to make investment decisions.

Show your investing skills

Manage a percentage of the Betoken fund by buying and selling crypto-assets directly in our dApp.

Earn commission & Kairo tokens

Get rewarded with Kairo by making profits. Redeem your commissions at the end of each investment cycle. You get more commissions by earning more Kairo.

Incentivized Meritocracy

Betoken uses its own token called Kairo to represent how much of our investors' money each manager can manage.

Through constant redistribution of Kairo based on performance, we ensure that Betoken is meritocratic. In addition, we pay managers commission based on how much Kairo they have.

The more profits you make, the more Kairo you have, the more money you can manage, the more income you get.

This is the core of Betoken's decision-making system - Incentivized Meritocracy.

Learn more about Betoken's commission and fee structure in our whitepaper. Also check out our research.

Meet our managers

Meet the team

Betoken is a team of distributed entrepreneurs, engineers, and blockchain experts. We're hiring! Let's draw together the future of finance!

Zefram Lou

Zefram is the cofounder and lead developer of Betoken. He is in charge of everything blockchain. He currently studies Computer Science at UC San Diego. He is passionate about crypto-economics and mechanism design. LinkedIn

Surya Krishnan

Surya is the cofounder and frontend developer of Betoken. Currently, he studies computer science at UC San Diego and Surya's goal is to build technology that enables people to realize their ideas. LinkedIn

Guillaume Palayer

Guillaume is the cofounder of Betoken. His mission is to design and code the front end experience of the dApp. He's also an user researcher passionate by the token economy and the decentralized Web. LinkedIn


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