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Initial Account Offering

Please read the following important info before purchasing:
Purchasing an account will make you a Betoken manager and grant you Kairo tokens, non-transferable proof of how good you are at investing.

The more Kairo you own, the more money you will manage, the more commission you will receive. You will be able to earn Kairo by making profitable investments for the Betoken fund.

During the IAO, accounts are sold at a 20% discount, and you can refer your friends to get unlimited bonus Kairo. In addition, you have the opportunity to double your Kairo by actively using our Beta.

You can only order one manager account per Ethereum account. If you're a Beta user, we recommend using your Beta account to join the IAO.

Your Kairo will be credited to the Ethereum account you paid with soon after your purchase, but the functionalities of your account will not be available until the Betoken fund launches on the Ethereum Mainnet. However, you will be onboarded to our Testnet Beta.

Please read this article if you want to better understand Betoken.

Note: the amount of Kairo you get may be slightly different due to the price fluctuations of the token you use as payment method. Pay with DAI if it's an issue for you.
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